Trickle Charger


Although a trickle charger represents a technological advance on a traditional charger, which turns off once a battery reaches 80% charge, a constant, unregulated trickle charge significantly increases the risk of a battery drying-out, being over-charged or damaged through gassing.


To avoid this problem, BatteryChargerStore’s CTEK chargers undertake a number of patented and unique processes and replace the trickle charge process.


Once the bulk of a charge is delivered, CTEK’s smart chargers move into Absorption mode where the battery is charged slowly to capacity before, moving into Pulse Maintenance mode. Here the charger will switch itself off but will remain in constant communication with the battery to monitor charge levels, unlike a trickle charger. When the voltage of the battery naturally drops through self discharge, the charger will send a pulse to top-up charge levels.


Consequently, as the battery is being effectively exercised as it would during normal use, the life of the battery can be increased up to threefold.